The beach has red cliffs above it Darnley Point Landing A beautiful sunset seen from near one of the cottages.

Large Oceanfront Property for Sale in PEI, Canada

The 46.5 acre Darnley Point Farm is located at the tip of a peninsula which forms the eastern opening into Malpeque Bay on the northern coast of Prince Edward Island (PEI) in eastern Canada. Its sandy beaches provide a total shore frontage that measures about 5,000 feet. Here is a google link to get you there.

Click on either of the pictures below for a clearer view. PEI is the smallest province in Canada and is in the Maritimes The Darnley property is located near the town of Malpeque

PEI is the smallest of the Canadian provinces with an overall length of 190 kilometers and a population of 140,000 on a total area of 5,684 square kilometers (1,405,000 acres). Major industries are farming (it is noted world-wide for its potatoes), fishing (Malpeque Bay oysters, mussels and lobsters), forestry and in recent years, tourism. Its wonderful climate, picturesque landscape and overall beauty have led to a rapidly growing international popularity as a summer haven. The swimming season extends from June to September when the beach water temperatures range between 18 and 23 C. The world famous novel "Anne of Green Gables" was written in 1908 by an Island native and it describes the wholesome rural life on the Island, which is still present today. In addition to its wide sandy beaches and many bays, the recent addition of many new golf courses (30 in 2003) have made PEI one of the most popular vacation places in Canada.

Since 1997 PEI has been connected by the Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick. The large modern city of Moncton, New Brunswick is only an hour's drive and it has an international airport. Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John, New Brunswick are 2 and 5 hours by car while Boston, MA is about a 10 hour drive. PEI's capital, Charlottetown (population 35,000), has frequent daily air services to Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

An overview of the property is shown in these aerial photos.

An aerial view of the property from the southwest. The available property is inside the red borders. The east end of the property is adjacent to the Twin Shores campground. To the west of the property is Darnley Bay.  To the north is the Gulf of St. Lawrence

An aerial view of the property. The available property is inside the red borders. The east end of the property is adjacent to the Twin Shores campground. To the west of the property is Darnley Bay.  To the north is the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

It is located at the western end of the north shore beach area, a large part of which is a Canadian National Park. The property is undoubtedly the largest and certainly the most attractive undeveloped farm in the north shore beach area.

Please note the remarkably wide and safe beaches beneath the high cliffs along the edge of the woods and potato fields. You can easily see the sand bars and the water is shallow enough that most adults can walk out to them. Nested within the small forest are three small cottages, which are presently rented to summer vacationers. The green areas are in active cultivation leased to a local farmer.

Click here if you'd like to see many more aerial photos and other spectacular photos from the property.

Because of its unique location this property is ideally suited for development. Being at the end of the road and surrounded by water with magnificent panoramic vistas, it would be a perfect site for a modern hotel/convention center facility with a small golf course, tennis courts and indoor swimming pool for spring and fall use. Because of its gentle slope, the property is also exceptionally well-suited for subdivision into large estate lots for exclusive luxury homes. Each would have its own view of the ocean. The soil has been tested for percolation rate and has passed the local stringent requirements (category 1).

For further information about the history of this property and the three cottages available for rent, click here.

For information on how to purchase this entire beautiful property, please contact Ralf Toennies.

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