The beach has red cliffs above it

Darnley Point Cottages

A beautiful sunset near the Susanne cottage.
Map showing area where cottages are located

The three family-owned oceanfront cottages are situated at the end of the Lower Darnley Road. The property is known as one of the most spectacularly beautiful northern shore properties of Prince Edward Island.

Large scale map showing entire island of Prince Edward Island

The property is surrounded on three sides by water. Since it is on the end of a peninsula, it is very secluded with beautiful panoramic views in all directions. To the north, there are very high cliffs making for breathtaking views of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, especially at sunset. On the east side, there are cliffs subsiding to gentle sloping sand banks. On the west side, the high cliffs end in a mile-long sand spit where the sunset vistas are fantastic. Finally on the south side, is the lovely Darnley Basin. Sand and sun lovers appreciate the cliff's shelter from the prevailing off shore summer time breezes. Swimmers marvel over the water temperatures which range from 20 to 23 degrees C (68 to 73 degrees F) from late June through Labor Day. And, for the early risers, here is the place to watch the sun rise.

The three cottages offer plenty of privacy and a short walk to view the ocean

Try to visualize a walk along the cliff's edge while the setting sun's reflections constantly change. And on the west side is a long sand dune spit that shelters the Darnley Basin. It is ideal for small boating, clamming, flounder fishing and unusual bird watching. Boats can be launched at the nearby Cabot Park public dock and temporarily anchored in the calm and shallow bay water. And if you like even warmer water to swim in, Darnley Basin is for you.

There are just three cottages all of which are located in the wooded area in the northeast corner of the property. But, unlike many cottage rental properties, there is plenty of privacy between the cottages as the aerial photo shows. This is due in part to the fact that the cottages were all built and placed for the satisfaction of the owner family as it matured during the last half century. The first cottage was built in 1962 and was a summer home until the early nineties. The other cottages came later as the family expanded. All the cottages are just a few hundred feet from the beach.

In the woods and fields around the cottages are wild raspberries and strawberries with impeccable flavor for those fortunate enough to catch them in season and with enough patience to pick them. Occasionally, you'll see a raccoon, fox, rabbit or squirrel scurrying about. Look up and you might see a hawk or bald eagle patrolling the area.

If you are an artist or a photographer, you will have non stop field days throughout the property.

Unbelievably clear skies at night without competing lights allow one to see the stars in a way that is unimaginable for most people. Gaze upward for a few minutes to allow your eyes to adjust and you will see the wondrous Milky Way galaxy and frequent shooting stars. And if you are a late summer or fall visitor, you may see the northern lights radiating from the northern horizon. If you like premier geese hunting, come back in mid-October.

For those concerned about conveniences, the property adjoins the prosperous Twin Shores Campground which maintains a small general store for tourists. Also, in the small barn adjoining one of the cottages is a washer and dryer to be shared by all the guests. Each cottage has:

The Darnley Greens Golf Course is only a couple miles away. The town of Kensington is about a fifteen minute drive and has several grocery stores, hardware stores and other necessities. The city of Summerside is about a half hour away and has many stores, restaurants, and a modern hospital.

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